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   Gentle Carousel

One of the Ten Most Heroic Animals In America - Newsweek / The Daily Beast


Most Heroic Pet In America - AARP

​A Reader's Digest/Americantowns Power of One Hero

2014  winner of the  E.T. York Distinguished Service Award 

 One of the Seven Most Notable Animal Heroes in the World - The Daily Mirror 2014 

One of 10 Most Heroic Animals of 2010 -  Newsweek / Daily Beast

Deputy with the Alachua County Sheriff's Office

Included in the book 125 True Stories of Amazing Pets - National Geographic Kids 2014

 2014 Breyer Portrait Model Horse (with her therapy buddy Hamlet)

 The United State Equestrian Federation Horse /Equus Foundation Horse Stars Hall of Fame  2015 

Therapy horse Magic named by TIME Magazine one of History's Ten Most Heroic Animals

​"Animals have often shown bravery in extraordinary circumstances. TIME Magazine takes a look at history's most courageous animals."

The Top 10 Heroic Animals include Bucephalus, the famed steed of Alexander the Great,  Togo the sled dog who brought serum to save Nome when diphtheria broke out in 1925, Stubby the WW1 hero war dog who became a lifetime member of the American Legion and later became Georgetown University's mascot,  Simon the British cat known for his heroic voyage down China's Yangtze River (his obituary appeared in TIME magazine in 1949),  a hero dog from Japan, Cher Ami, a pigeon that flew messages in France during World War I, leading to the rescue of 194 soldiers in Major Charles Whittlesey’s ”Lost Battalion”, New Zealand's Moko the dolphin and a tiny miniature therapy horse named Magic.

 magic The Hero Horse