Therapy Horses of 

   Gentle Carousel

 American Embassy THANKSGIVING WITH Ambassador PEARCE

Gentle Carousel Founder and Gentle Carousel Greece Director celebrate Thanksgiving with Ambassador David D. Pearce.  

Meeting the mayor of rafina, greece at the city hall

Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses have long supported the sick, the elderly and those living in difficult situations in the United States.

​It is my honor to welcome this charity to Greece where they will be an encouragement to the most vulnerable members of our community and bring a common bond of hope between our two countries.

​Georgios Christopoulos

​Mayor of Rafina Pikermi

Gentle carousel working in hospitals and insTitutions

Gentle Carousel Working INSIDE Orphanages


THE Magic Garden

Home of Gentle Carousel Greece and a magical place for horses and children to spend time together.

"The horse is a majestic creature.  It has the ability to elevate one's soul, improving the human condition.  Any time someone is near a horse they are better for it.  Gentle Carousel Greece has the opportunity to introduce this powerful equine spirit to thousands of children and adults in Greece.  I believe this is a noble mission."

George Frangogiannis

(with therapy horse Odyssey)

Two time national champion in show jumping 

Member of the national team

Multiple Balkan region medalist



Therapy horse Billy was rescued from an abandoned house in downtown Athens.  The six other therapy horses of Gentle Carousel Greece traveled from the United States from Gentle Carousel National to help this special program.

Greece is a country touched by the horse in history and mythology.

From Bucephalus, the famous and well-loved horse of Alexander the Great to Pegasus, the winged divine stallion of Greek mythology, horses have played a role of great importance to the people of Greece.   

The therapy horses of Gentle Carousel-Greece continue the magical connection of horses with the citizens of Greece.

Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses has a team of tiny horses living in a beautiful Magic Garden just outside the city of Athens.   The therapy horses  work with children living in orphanages, in hospitals and with adults and children living in institutions.

Gentle Carousel Greece